New series of articles on using my ixCMF framework to build a medium sized CMS

The last 2 weeks I found some time to start a new ixCMF project:

I want to use the results of different PHP web application projects which I did for customers and which were based on my ixCMF meta framework for web applications to build my own CMS for small and medium sized web sites.

I describe my considerations and successive steps how to develop such a special and extensive ixCMF web application by a series of blog articles in my ixCMF blog.

I think that the topic of designing and developing a CMS might be interesting for some people besides myself – even if you do not know anything about the ixCMF framework.

So, if you are interested in CMS designing and hierarchical master detail data structures have a look at
The ixCMF CMS project – I – some objectives
and its present subsequent articles

The ixCMF CMS project – II – setting up the IDEs
The ixCMF CMS project – III – the object hierarchy
The ixCMF CMS project – IV – objects and their web page counterpart
The ixCMF CMS project – V – main and sub menus


the category
in my ixCMF-blog.