Eclipse Oxygen3 – old bug blocks certain key combinations in editors – e.g. Ctrl+Right/Left for next or previous word

After changing to Eclipse Oxygen 3 for my PHP work I have spent an hour to find out out what was wrong with the keyboard actions for navigating through code. One of the key combinations one typically needs is “Ctrl >” and “Ctrl <” to jump from one word to the other – more precisely between some whitespace/letter-combinations which are interpreted as word separation borders.

Whenever I restarted or reopened Oxygen3 the already opened editors on files I had worked with during the last session did not show any reaction to such key combinations. However, when I closed the file and reopened them again with the structured PHP-editor the key combination did work. But after a restart of the workspace no reaction again. It really took me a while to find out that all this was due to the “welcome” screen, which I had not deactivated, yet, in the new installation. After knowing this, I even did find a corresponsing bug and stack overflow report.

Just deeactivating the welcome screen did the trick. I find it very frustrating that this is really a rather old bug – and I could bet it cost a lot of people nerves and useless efforts.