Upgrade of PCs and laptops from Opensuse Leap 15.4 to 15.5

The last days I have upgraded multiple PC- and laptop-systems from Leap 15.4 to Leap 15.5. This was one of the smoothest upgrades ever. Despite Nvidia cards, Optimus etc.

In contrast to upgrades in the last years I just kept all special repositories (Nvidia, Packman, Graphics, Security, Print, etc.) active during the upgrade. This worked perfectly.

Suse’s prime-select on an Optimus system just continued working.

To better support Rocca mice on my PC I eliminated old drivers from Rocca and instead used “piper” to set the buttons. My Rocca EMP is basically also well supported by the generic Linux USB mouse driver.

The older I get the more it becomes true:

Linux just works. Why someone uses Windows remains a big mystery to me …

One of the next tasks is to upgrade server systems.