Strato-V-Server – Opensuse 13.1 – get colors for the "ls" shell command

Today, I tried to work with a freshly installed Strato-V-Server. I had chosen Opensuse 13.1 (64 Bit) as the operative system. When I used the „ls“ command I missed the standard coloring of directories and special files.

Using the „env“ command and a comparison with a normal Opensuse 13.1 installation showed that required settings for the „ls“ coloring were missing. SuSE normally adds these settings via a script „ls.bash“ located in the directory „/etc/profile.d“. However, this file was missing on the Strato server. [The script in turn uses „/usr/bin/dircolors“, which existed on the system.]

You could compensate the lack of coloring by manually adding a line

ls –color=tty

to a local „.bashrc“ file. However, this would only give you parts of the SuSE coloring scheme for your shell.

The missing file „ls.bash“ is the result of a really minimum Opensuse 13.1 installation provided by Strato on their V-servers. It took me a while to find the right RPM package which installs the required files. It is the RPM aaa_base-extras.

After the installation of this package and a reopening of your shell „env“ will show some additional lines that control the „ls“ color settings:

user@hxxxxxx:~> env | grep LS
LS_OPTIONS=-N --color=tty -T 0

I hope this information will help others who miss the the usual „ls“-coloring on Strato-V-servers, too.