Opensuse Leap 15.4 on a PC – II – Plasma, Gnome, flatpak, Libreoffice and others on (X)Wayland?

In the last post of this series

Upgrade to Opensuse Leap 15.4 – I – a look at repositories, Nvidia, Vmware WS, KVM, Plasma widgets

we saw that an upgrade from Leap Opensuse 15.3 to Leap 15.4 is a relatively smooth operation. After the basic upgrade I wanted to look a bit at an interesting detail – namely (X)Wayland. And got surprised – positively and negatively. This post summarizes some of my experiences.

Nvidia and Wayland

For a long time it was almost impossible to use Wayland in combination with Nvidia and KDE. Which mostly was the fault of Nvidia. See an Heise article on this topic here. See also the experience of a Gnome user here – although I do not share his bad experience with a X11-based KDE Plasma on Nvidia. For years I have not seen a realistic chance for a productive use of Wayland on my PCs and laptops with Nvidia-cards. KDE PLasma did not work at all on Wayland. Also with Gnome I experienced terrible difficulties. But Nvidia has improved its support for Wayland significantly in 2022, starting with driver version 470. For Nvidia driver version 525 we would expect some stability.

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